When I learn a new piece for piano, I don’t like to rely on the first edition that I find… I avoid listening to other performances of the piece I intend to study, in order not to let myself be affected: I ask myself what instruments were originally used, for which audience, and finally I do a real philological work on the text considering the period of composition and, in some cases, also the place; I wonder about the meaning of each single sign on the text and if it was actually wanted by the author. I
n particular, I look for the original speed and the rubato, which are often underestimated in the performance of the piece.

My goal, as a pianist, is never to try to re-propose the point of view of the author but to understand it, in order to be aware, as much as possible, of my interpretative choices. I believe that music should always be presented to the public as if they were listening to it for the first time.
 His entails, sometimes, making unusual and occasionally daring interpretative choices.

I have a preference for demanding or virtuoso compositions because they keep the public’s attention high, thanks to their lively choreography.
Among the composers of classical music, there are two in particular that I prefer and that I have studied most: Ludwig van Beethoven and Fryderyk Chopin.
 However, I like to explore all the authors: from Johann Sebastian Bach, or earlier, to Oliver Messiaen and contemporaries.
 When I have the chance, however, I like to propose unknown or slightly less performed authors, in particular Charles-Valentin Alkan, many of whose works I have studied.

In concert, I like to play as soloist as well as with other musicians, in particular I love the combination of piano and cello.

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Aldo Roberto Pessolano, concerto a Palazzo Zevallos Napoli, Associazione Alessandro Scarlatti

Aldo Roberto Pessolano

I was born in Salerno in 1997, I’m a classical pianist and composer: I have been studying the piano since I was three years old and I have been composing since I was twelve.

I obtained my Conservatory Diploma in Piano, with honors and special mention, at the Giuseppe Martucci Conservatory in Salerno and I’m currently studying Composition with Maestro Giancarlo Turaccio.

I trained on the piano with Maestro Giancarlo Cuciniello and attended masterclasses, including the Music & Opera Performance Masterclass with Maestro Igor Cognolato.

While I’m doing concerts of Classical Music and Chamber Music, I try to keep up to date in my studies by means of masterclasses, and I work alongside myself as assistant to Maestro Ilie Ionescu, who played the role of first violoncello solo in the “San Carlo Theatre” Orchestra in Naples since 1979.

I have the privilege of performing, mainly as a soloist, in splendid places of culture in Italy including: the Castle of Miramare in Trieste, the Castle of Udine, in Naples in the Sala Chopin, the Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano and the Domus Ars of the Alessandro Scarlatti Association and many others.

In the following links you will find: my updated Curriculum, my editions for IMSLP and my socials.

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