Privacy Policy


Art. 13 of European Regulation 679/2016, Legislative Decree 196/2003 + Legislative Decree 101/2018

Data controller

Aldo Roberto Pessolano
Email address:

The following information describes the purposes of the processing of data that the Data Controller may collect: during correspondence via email, telephone communication, thanks to comments or messages in social channels.

PURPOSE OF TREATMENTYour personal data are processed for the following purposes:

  • Provide a response to the request for information
  • Providing a service and/or implementing an event
  • Sharing on the official social channels of the owner
DATAPersonal data and identification: name and surname, telephone number, nickname, email address.
PLACE OF STORAGEComputer archives
  • The person concerned has given his/her consent
  • The treatment is necessary for the execution of a contract
  • The treatment is necessary for the performance of a task of public interest
RECIPIENTS OF PERSONAL DATAYour personal data will not be disclosed and will be used for the purpose of providing a response to your explicit requests in email or private message.
Only with your explicit consent, or when there are public events, some photos / videos in which you notice his presence may be shared on the official social channels of the owner.
The owner is not responsible for the photos / videos of which he is not the owner and which may be published by other subjects..
TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA TO THIRD COUNTRIES OR INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONSIn some cases, to meet the needs of the service provided and promotion, the owner may transfer data to third countries in accordance with legal agreements with the EU. An example is the sharing on the official social channels of the owner: You, as the interested party, have signed the privacy consent at the time of registration to the social network itself.
  • Email correspondence: 2 years or until the completion of the agreements, or in the legal terms established by a contract, or until your request for cancellation.
  • Providing a service and/or implementing an event: duration of the event and publication in the portfolio.
  • Using and sharing photos/videos of public events on the official social accounts of the holder, for which the privacy provided by the social network itself or until its request for removal of photos/videos from the holder’s page is valid.
  • Statistics service of Google Tag Manager, anonymized: 14 months.
THE RIGHTS OF THE PERSONS CONCERNEDYou, as the data subject, may request the data controller to access, limit, rectify, transfer or erase your data at any time using the same methods and channels as those used for your consent, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing.
EXERCISE OF RIGHTSAs a data subject, you may exercise your rights by using the revocation form, Annex A, which follows this notice.
RIGHT TO LODGE A COMPLAINTYou, as an interested party, have the right to make a complaint to the Authority using the documentation provided on the website of the Guarantor: LINK
THE SOURCE OF THE DATAYour data are not acquired from any source but are only released by you to the owner voluntarily: when you respond to a comment, on the owner’s website or in social channels, when you contact him via email, phone or private message.
AUTOMATED DECISION MAKINGThe owner does not process his data through automated decision-making processes, does not perform any profiling.

Last modified: 9 October 2019

The official version of this policy is the Italian one.